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About Us

We are a Company that provides full service for students from different nationalities around the world. We offer, student housing, residence halls, student housemates and university accommodation in Madrid. What’s more is we provide diverse services aiming to solve any problem a foreign student may encounter during their stay in Madrid.

We also offer legal services related to the expedition and obtainment of the NIE (foreigner identity number), work permits, extensions to residence permits, opening bank accounts, translation of documentation and help in the selection of training programs, such as language courses , Masters degrees and PhDs.

We offer you counselling during your stay in Madrid in order to help you with complex procedures.

We’ll be delighted in assisting you and doing everything possible for every client to be completely satisfied. All you have to do is contact us.


Service packages specially designed for you.

Accommodation research.
Documentation translation.
Opening a bank account.
Obtaining internet and cellphone services.
Legal advice and services.
Help in the selection of training programs.

What entities do we work with?

Instituto de Empresa
Innove Institute Business School
ESCP Europe
ESIC Business & Marketing School
Madrid School of Marketing
Escuela Europea de Negocios
CESMA Business School
ESERP Business School
Nebrija Business School
EUDE Business School

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